Mobile Manicures

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Nail art (stamped, simple painted, jewels & decals) is available and price depends on selected design.


Standard Manicure  £25 (30 mins) – cuticle work, nail shaping & nail polish application
Luxury Manicure  £35 (45 mins) – exfoliating hand soak, hand massage, cuticle work, nail shaping & nail polish application


Will Shellac™ damage my nails?
What is Shellac™ & how is it different to gel?


Shellac™ Manicure  £30 (60 mins) – nail prep, cuticle work & Shellac™ application
Luxury Shellac™ Manicure £45 (90 mins) – exfoliating hand soak, hand massage, nail prep, cuticle work, nail shaping & Shellac™ application


When booked with a new set of Shellac™ nails removal is  FREE.
If booked with a nail polish manicure  £5
Removal alone  £15

* NOTE: removal prices apply to genuine CND™ Shellac™ and should only take 15 minutes (10 minute soak).  If your removal takes longer this indicates you have a different brand and will be charged at £5 per every extra 15 minutes taken.

Other product removal e.g. gel nails, acrylic nails:

£30 when booked alone
£20 when booked with a nail polish or CND™ Shellac™ manicure


As an experienced nail technician and having been CND™ trained, repairs are rarely needed.

However, Shellac™ isn’t indestructible and it is recommended that you follow the aftercare advice provided.

Should your nails need repairing the prices are as follows:

Within 24 hours of my application  £3 per nail
After 24 hours of mine or another person’s application £5 per nail


If booked alone, you must be within a 5 mile radius of Weybridge, Surrey (KT13).

Otherwise can be booked in addition to weddings or special occasions services.