How should I prepare for my hair and makeup trial?

No matter how good your stylist is, they cannot perform miracles!  If you want great results, make sure you keep drinking lots of water, eat well, get enough sleep and keep up with regular trims of your hair to avoid split ends. 

What is the difference between Shellac & Gel nails?

What is Shellac? Let's get one thing out of the way...Shellac refers to the brand 'CND Shellac' NOT a type of nail service.  All to often people enter the salon asking for "Shellac nails" while the salon are actually applying gel or another system...don't get fooled! CND Shellac is a 'hybrid' nail system that promises … Continue reading What is the difference between Shellac & Gel nails?

Does Shellac ruin your nails?

Whether you are a makeup enthusiast who is always experimenting with different looks or someone who thinks eye lash curlers are a piece of surgical equipment, you can do your own wedding makeup!  A great way to ensure that you can confidently create a professional makeup look on your wedding day is to seek professional […]