It was 2004.  In the middle of my hairdressing course I was booked for my first wedding…


Boy was it nerve-wracking!  I was inexperienced and had only just set up ANYA… but thanks to my wonderful bride (and now friend) for giving me the chance,  by the end of it, I was hooked.  

The thing I love the most about being a hair stylist and makeup artist is that I get to start with a blank canvas and decide what picture I will create.  It’s a great feeling when we see the final look after spending so much time discussing ideas!

I really believe in providing a tailored experience – some people rarely wear makeup, others might be so used to doing their own that they feel uncomfortable with someone else doing it for them.  Regardless, the free consultation that I offer all of my clients, gives us a chance to discuss your tastes, worries and preferences so that we can discuss ideas that suit you.

After all, the secret to looking good is to feel confident.  And you can only feel confident if you feel comfortable.


Experience in the events industry

Not only am I involved in events through ANYA but I am also the lead singer of a functions band called Dutty Rascals.  Through all of this (and organising my own wedding in 2014!) I have amassed a wealth of experience working in the events industry.

What does this mean for you?  I will make sure that your booking fits into your event timeline seamlessly.


  • Find out your timeline and make sure I don’t cause any disruption
  • Manage the environment we are working in to ensure the experience is relaxing and stress-free
  • Advise beforehand on any potential issues so we can be proactive about making arrangements

Me singing at Cavern

Sumantha McMahon, Owner of ANYA & lead singer of Dutty Rascals


Experience in hair, makeup & nails

Me, the Makeup Artist

In 2005 I completed a make-up artistry course at the London College of Fashion.

Here I specialised in weddings, special occasion and daytime/natural makeup and had the privilege of learning from esteemed makeup artists who are at the top of their game.

I have since become a registered MAC and Bobbi Brown Pro Makeup Artist.

Me, the Hair Stylist

Unlike most in my industry I am actually a fully qualified hairdresser – I haven’t simply done a 1 day course in how to do hair ups.  That means I understand hair and can keep up to date with trends, analyse your hair and scalp to advise what will work for you the best.

Me, the Nail Technician

In 2009 I undertook my first nail technician course specialising in gel and acrylic nails.  I decided to refresh my knowledge and expand my portfolio by becoming CND™  qualified in 2015 by completing the CND ™ Shellac ™  course.

CND Shellac


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