5 Tips for Brides who want to do their own wedding day make-up

Doing your own wedding day make-up is a great way of saving money if you are getting married on a budget, and a stress reliever if you struggle to trust others with doing your make-up!

But doing your wedding day make-up is nothing like any other event.  Aside from the fact that you want to look perfect on your special day, you need to consider two important things:

  •  You will probably have lots of flash photography which should influence your choice of products
  • The make-up needs to last for a very long time

#1  Avoid products with SPF or HD in the description

‘Flashback’ is when you see white patches on the face in photo’s (but not in person) acosmetics-1543271_1920nd is caused by the flash from the camera picking up areas of make-up.  It is typically caused by powder but can also be caused by certain foundations.

You should avoid HD or SPF so although the Makeup Forever HD powder is gorgeous, it will almost certainly cause flashback.  Try and choose transluscent or slightly coloured powders.

#2 Get samples from make-up counters

I often go to clients who have spent a fortune on make-up, particularly foundation because it looked great when the artist applied it on them at the make-up counter but not cosmetics-1150881_1920.jpgso great when they applied it themselves, or after a few hours of wear.

The best advice is to get some samples from make-up counters, try them out and inspect your face under different lights.  Daylight is the best type for applying make-up but on your wedding day you may not always be in daylight.  Also check to see how well it wears on your skin after a number of hours and different conditions e.g. if you are getting married in summer months, check how well it copes with heat and sweat.

#3 Do a Trial and take photos

Practice makes perfect so ensure that you do a couple of practice rounds (at least) before camera-816583_1920your big day.  Not only will this help you perfect the look but will also help you with your wedding day timeline as you will know how long to allocate for make-up.  A great idea is to also take photo’s under different types of lighting – although chances are you won’t have a professional camera, you will still be able to glean how your make-up looks in photos.

#4 Choose waterproof products

Your wedding day is likely to have some emotional moments in it so waterproof eye liner and mascara is a must!  You can help keep eye liner in place if it isn’t waterproof by dabbing some powder or powder eye shadow along it.

Your make-up also needs to last all day and under different conditions so waterproof foundations like MAC Face and Body are great.

#5 Moisturise & Prime

Don’t be afraid of thoroughly hydrating your face before applying make-up.  Use a cream-1327847_1920moisturiser that suits your skin type, allow to settle and then top it off with a good make-up primer.

This step is key in ensuring long lasting make-up, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and in avoiding cakiness.  It is often recommended to avoid primers that contain silicone as with some foundations, it can cause it to slide off your face.

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