Bridal Make-Up Tips: Flawless Skin

Whether you are a makeup enthusiast who is always experimenting with different looks or someone who thinks eye lash curlers are a piece of surgical equipment, you can do your own wedding makeup!  A great way to ensure that you can confidently create a professional makeup look on your wedding day is to seek professional make-up artist advice.  A free way to do this is to visit make-up counters and speak to the assistants but, remember, their sole aim is to sell to you so the advice may not be as unbiased as you need.

Another option that costs some money but not as much as hiring a professional wedding makeup artist is to enrol in a course.  A great specialised short course is the Bridal Makeup one which includes a free Trial.

Remember, your wedding makeup doesn’t have to make you look like a different person!  If you aren’t a fan of a lot of makeup read our guide to creating the natural look.

To get you started, here is a full guide on how to do your own wedding make-up in order to create flawless skin.


To ensure your skin looks healthy and radiant, be aware of keeping it hydrated and looked after.  This means drinking plenty of water and being disciplined in your skin care regime.  Some professional makeup artists advise a particular regime but, from my experience, different skin needs different routines so, stick to what you are familiar with.  In fact, the latter statement is especially important; to avoid skin reactions or spots on your wedding day, keep using the skin care products you always use.

If you do not have a skin care routine, products like Oil of Olay are great for moisturising as they cater for sensitive and different types of skin.


In order to create a long-lasting and professional make-up finish, I always recommend using a face primer before applying foundation.  There are many excellent primers on the market that are suitable for different skin types but one which I find is versatile is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.


The purpose of foundation is to even out your skin tone not to change the colour of your skin.  So, a sign that you have found the right colour match for you is if the shade disappears into your skin.  To avoid spending lots of money on the wrong products, seek some professional advise to get a colour match.  Personally, I would recommend MAC foundations as they have a great range that guarantees you finding the right shade and finish, for your skin.

A great tip is to wait around 20 minutes after moisturising and/or priming so that the preparation product/s have completely been absorbed.

A quick guide to what suits different skin types and preferences are:

Oily – powder based

Mixed – liquid (you can finish with powder)

Prefer lightweight makeup?  Try mineral makeup products.


Some people prefer to apply concealer before the foundation but, in my experience, this just erases the effects of the concealer – remember, concealer isn’t just there to hide, it can also be used to highlight and colour correct.

A popular question I get asked is how to conceal under eye areas.  The trick is to choose a concealer that is around one shade lighter than your skin tone.  The concealer should be applied lightly over just the dark line as this is what causes the shadow.  My preferred concealers are Benefit Erase Paste and Bobby Brown Face Touch Up Stick.


Ben Bye’s Banana Powder has received some very positive press with it famously promoted through Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist.  It is a fantastic product but, there are many other on the market too.  I like to keep the YSL Touche Eclat in my kit as it is a long-lasting and versatile way to highlight all the right areas.

The purpose of a highlighter is to engineer where you want the light to, or appear to, hit the face.  Commonly this is streamlined at the top of the cheekbones, the brow bones and along the centre panel of the nose.

The effects of highlighters being used correctly and cleverly is a professional look that looks amazing in professional wedding photographs.


Using blushers and bronzers not only give your cheek bones lift but, are useful products to created a polished and professional look.  The shades used should be as naturally complimentary to your skin tone as possible and should be applied under the ‘apple’ of your cheeks.  This creates the illusion of a shadow which gives your cheekbones a natural lift.


Powder is a really important part of the makeup process and should be used sparingly and right at the end.  A dash of loose powder sets the makeup in place and absorbs any oils.  That way, the parts of your face that are supposed to catch the light will do so through your use of highlighters and the rest, will be nice and oil-free.

Your Tools

Contrary to popular belief, your fingers really aren’t the ideal makeup application tools! Not only does it affect getting even coverage but, the natural oils from your skin keep getting transferred every time you touch your face which can counteract the aim of some of the products.

It is very worthwhile purchasing some good makeup brushes.  Like most things makeup related, spending a decent amount of money usually does guarantee good quality.  I mostly use MAC makeup brushes but if you are looking for cheaper tools, Body Shop do great brushes or, you can buy a basic kit that designed for student makeup artists.

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