ANYA’s Wedding Makeup Advice

When it comes to wedding makeup, knowing where to starts and what decisions to make can be quite overwhelming.  I recently read a post on a form where a bride-to-be was asking people’s opinion whether she should wear makeup on her wedding day or not.  The replies were varied with many saying that if she didn’t want to she didn’t have to – their photo’s came out fine when they chose to go makeup free on their wedding day.  But do you want to settle for just ‘fine’?  Or do you want those cherished memories to look spectacular?


Here are some of my wedding makeup tips that guarantee you feeling confident and radiant on your wedding day…

Professional Makeup Artist

The first decision to make is whether you want to actually hire a professional makeup artist or not.  Going down the DIY route can be a huge money saver but, can also add a lot of stress to the day and ‘practice time’ beforehand and time, may not be a luxury you can afford much of.  There are pros and cons to both options but, if you are thinking of doing your wedding make-up yourself, you can consider getting some inexpensive training beforehand.

Do Your Own Wedding Makeup

If you are considering doing your own wedding makeup, it is worthwhile seeking some professional makeup advice.  A free way to do this is to visit some make-up counters like Bobby Brown and MAC but, remember that while you will get some great advice on products and tools, the purpose of the assistants is to sell so, you may not feel entirely clued up on how to actually do your own bridal make-up.

Keeping your Wedding Makeup Options Open

Another option that costs some money but not quite as much as hiring a good professional makeup artist is to invest in a course.  For example, the Bridal Makeup course includes a free Trial where the makeup artist discusses your outfit, theme, taste and preferences, and creates a wedding makeup look that you are completely happy with.  Then you learn how to do it on yourself – this means that you leave totally confident in creating the look and know which makeup products and tools were used.  It also means that if you do change your mind, you have already had  your makeup trial and can simply book the makeup artist.

Book your Trial

If you choose to hire a professional makeup artist make sure that you book a Trial beforehand.  Any reputable wedding specialist will make this a mandatory part of the process and should be willing to have a detailed discussion with you beforehand.

A Trial is where you can discuss your outfit and desired look and try different options until you find a wedding makeup look you are completely happy with.  You should take some pictures especially, if you are unaccustomed to wearing much makeup – at first you may feel unsure about your look because you won’t be used to seeing yourself like that but, by looking over the pictures afterwards, you will get a clearer idea of whether it is the look you want to go for or not.

How Much Money Should I Spend?

Since this is your big day, it is worth setting money aside from your wedding budget for your hair and makeup.  The truth about how much it should cost you is that, like most things related to weddings, you can spend as much as you want – some wedding make-up artists charge thousands.

On average, look around to see what the going rate is and try to stick to something that is accurate according to that.  If you go too cheap, the chances are, the service will reflect the price.  I think spending within £300 including the Trial is reasonable – more than that won’t guarantee a better service but less than £100 is likely to.


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