Experience Luxury with Noble Isle

When it comes to the Noble Isle pampering collection, the products offered certainly don’t fall into the forgotten about toiletries drawer like so many shower gels, and the like, tend to.

The brand oozes luxury from its calming colours & flowery fragrances, to the fact that it “features quintessentially British natural extracts, carefully sourced”.  The Noble Isle collection is not only perfect for those who like luxury but also, for people who like all things British.

Bath & Shower Gel

Fireside, Lightening Oak, Summer Rising, and Willow Song – the ‘flavours’ that you can opt for within this range.  If you look at what people have to say about these, you will find one common thread – everyone likes the scent.

Ideal for those who like flowery scents that are not too perfumed, I found that the bath product really was a treat.  Unlike other bubble baths, it created a thick layer of bubbles that didn’t dissipate soon after I got in the tub.

Body Lotion

If you had used your carefully chosen scent of bath or shower gel, it would feel like a mighty waste of money if you overpowered it with some different moisturiser so, if you are buying into this product, it is worthwhile doing it properly.  The body lotions come in similar but not totally matching scents to the bath and shower gel options namely, Fireside, Summer Rising and Willow Song.

Hair care

The Noble Isle collection moves away from earthy scents when it comes to hair and instead indulges your sweet tooth with, the Perry Pear shampoo and conditioner.   It is a shame there aren’t more options but looking at the other products, it is more than likely to expand.  I think I’d quite like to give my hair some Lightening Oak treatment…

Hand Care

Just to ensure you get to sample a cross section of what Britain’s nature has to offer, the hand wash and lotion ranges offer a few different scents.  Noble Isle seem to have catered for a wider range of tastes here – from the sweet to the fiery  with, Heather Honey, Rhubarb Rhubarb!, Sea of Green and  Whiskey and Water.

I’m not sure I would want my hands to smell of whiskey and water but, I applaud Noble Isle for their creativity as, it is definitely something I would buy for my Dad.  Indecently, it is interesting how I never thought I would buy scented toiletries for my father but this one, is completely appropriate.

Spread the scent around your home

As if you walking around, perfectly perfumed with decadent natural scents is not enough, you can infiltrate your home with a range of scents – and this time, you have an even wider range to choose from.  You can pick scented candles for mostly countryside scents (Willow Oak etc.) and reed diffusers for the more daring scents (Whiskey and Water etc.).


It cannot be disputed that Noble Isle is all about luxury and indulgence but what really stands out is that they do not do it the traditional do-it-yourself-spa-style way.  Instead, they have selected abstract yet very appealing scents and the fact that the ingredients are natural are a great novelty aspect.  Their products are a great way to treat yourself to relaxation-in-a-bottle and I look forward to exploring the different scents.

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