How much it cost for the perfect wedding hairstyle?

They say if you pay peanuts you get monkeys but when it comes to weddings, there seems to be a glass ceiling on how much people charge.  Problem is, how can you balance your costs without compromising on quality?

I feel like I deserve to have a siren for my car for the amount of brides who have called me in a panic because they already paid a hefty amount for a trial and the stylist was no good.  Truth is, it is quite hard to find a make-up artist who is top notch at hairstyles and since most people want to have the same person for their hair and makeup, this is a problem.

To provide some background.  Most make-up artists are make-up artists first and have undertaken a simple hairstyling course (some haven’t even done that).  This means they know the basic principles of styling but don’t really understand hair and aren’t so versatile.  That means when Cheryl Tweedy’s glamourous look was in style, brides were struggling to find wedding professionals who could actually do a killer blowdry.  Slyly, friend of mine was “advised” during her wedding hair trial that she had the wrong hair type for it.  Interestingly the professional who advised this, turned up to the trial with some hair straightners, hair pieces and clips – no hairdryer.

In truth, to be able to guarantee the perfect wedding hairstyle, you need to get a hairdresser.  But herin lies a fresh problem.  You end up with a heftybill.  So what’s the solution?

My name is Sam and I am the owner of Anya Hair, Make-Up and Beauty.  I have been working in the wedding industry for eight years and counting and specialise in hair and make-up.  Unusually, it was my passion for hairdressing that brought me into the business which is why I am a certified hairdresser.  Knowing what I wanted to do, I went to the London College of Fashion and qualified as a make-up artist specialising in bridal and special occasions make-up.

Get in touch now for your free consultation and see how I can help you feel great on your big day, within budget…add that special touch to that special occasion.

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