How to get the ‘natural’ makeup look

The natural look is all about flawless, great make up products and being clever with colours and application techniques.
Ironically, the natural look often requires more make-up than bolder looks do! However, it is great if you want to look fresh faced, which is why it is a popular preference for many brides, and is also a make up style which is versatile for daytime and evenings.

Here is how to achieve the natural look:

1. Foundation

It is essential that you select a foundation which matches the colour of your skin as accurately as possible. Without this, the basis of the look is in jeopardy. A great way to find the right colour is to go to make up counters where the make up artist will help you. If you have a darker complexion, research into which brands cater for your skin tone as well, for example, Bobby Brown is a great make up brand for dark skin. If you are unsure of how well matched the colour is, apply a small amount to your jaw line in natural light to check.

Also, ensure that you select a foundation that is suitable for your skin type. If you have quite clear skin, then a thin liquid foundation is enough to ensure that your skin tone is balanced and has a flawless finish. If however you have bad skin or scarring, thicker foundations, coupled with a good concealer may be more appropriate.

2. Colours

Depending on your skin tone and also how natural you want the look to be, it is worth dedicating some time and thought into which colours work best. For Caucasian skin, peaches, light pinks and shimmery pastel colours within that colour range work well. For medium coloured skin (e.g. Indian), light browns, coppers and gold’s are great. Finally for Afro-Caribbean skin, dark browns and deep coppers and gold’s are effective.

These colours are a good palette for both eyes and lips. With the natural look, finishing the lips with some lip gloss looks fresh and adds some glamour to the style. Lip gloss is also a really good way of diluting the colour applied on the lips so that it is visible and has the needed effect, but isn’t too noticeable as heavy lipstick.

For the cheeks, Caucasian skin looks great with a light pink blusher and/or a peachy bronzer to warm the complexion. Darker skin suits more dusky pinks with darker bronzers. Regardless of skin colour, a touch of highlighter slightly above the cheekbones, really finishes the look, and contours the face to make it look sharper and more elegant.

The natural look is a versatile make up style which can be adapted to look demure and subtle, as well as glamorous. It is easy to achieve as it does not require too advanced make up application techniques but attention definitely should be paid to colours and choice of products.

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