Celebrity Hairstyles: How to make their looks your own

rachelEvery so often a celebrity hairstyle takes the world by storm – just a few years ago, salons were inundated by clients asking for the ‘Rachel cut’ based on Jennifer Anniston’s layered style…

One of the latest trends seem to be the ‘Posh bob’ based on Victoria Beckham’s sleek graduated poshbob. Celebrities are the best promotional tools for hair styles – they appear everywhere and we see them at their best.

But you are you, not them. I don’t mean this in term of status but in terms of your hair type, personal style, face shape, and so on. Whilst basing your choice of hairstyle on a celebrity seems like the ideal way to ensure that you know what it will look like, this is often not the case. Here are a few tips on how to tailor the hairstyles you like, to make the look your own.

1. Face Shape

This is one of the most important factors used when assessing what hairstyle suits you. The ideal face shape is oval, as this tends to suit most hairstyles. If you do not have an oval face shape, that does not mean that you are vastly limited to styles but your chosen hairstyle should compliment your face shape which usually involves tying to create the illusion of an oval shape.

Here is a quick run down of some of the various face shapes and what hairstyles suit them:

ROUND e.g. Christina Ricci

A round face needs a style that will elongate it to reach a more oval shaped look. For this reason, short hair should be avoided, but shoulder length and longer hair look great. You can be creative with this by using layers to create style and movement, with height at the crown.

SQUARE e.g. Sandra Bullock

Square shaped faces are often blessed with great cheekbones and bone structure, which is why short to medium length styles which frame the face are great. Blunt bobs are not so great as they can harden the jaw line, but if you like a bob, you could have one with lots of layers, or a graduated one. When styling, waves are a great way to soften the bone structure.

HEART e.g. Jennifer Love Hewitt

As with square shaped faces, heart shaped ones tend to also have well defined cheekbones but with a narrower jaw line. Therefore, chin length bobs are great as they do not drag the cheekbones down, but also strengthen the jaw line to create the look of stronger bone structure.

Longer styles do not look terrible, but can elongate the face too much.

OBLONG e.g. Sarah Jessica Parker

Those with an oblong shaped face should avoid very long hair, as this only elongates the face further. Short to medium is a great length with complimentary layers that soften the edges and make them look rounder.

OVAL e.g. Uma Thurman

Most styles suit an oval shape but avoid going too heavy with forward layers that cover your face as these will only hide your great features.

2. Hair Type

Once you have narrowed your choices on matching your face shape, the next thing to consider is you hair type. Your hair type will influence how a style sits and looks, as well as your styling options.

Those with thin hair should avoid styles which are too choppy, as this tends to make the ends look thinned and unhealthy. Blunt cuts are ideal, and layers are a great tool to create volume. In terms of styles, sleek ones can make the hair look thinner than it is and can also have the tendency of looking too flat. So, if you want straight hair, styling it in a way that creates body, is better, And if you want wavy or curly hair, even better, as this automatically boosts the volume.

Those with medium hair can afford to be quite versatile with what style they choose, as it can be sleeked without looking too thin and volumised without looking too big.

Finally, people with thick hair should avoid styles which are too blunt. Often choppy looks are better as they create thinner edges. Unless you want big hair, it is better to avoid too heavy layers, especially in the mid section of your head. However this can be combated by having your hair ‘thinned’ – a technique which is quite common but can be quite damaging to the hair.

3. Lifestyle

You need to bear in mind that when you see a great celebrity hairstyle, chances are, they have spend hours getting it styled by a top stylist. It is therefore important to consider how your chosen hairstyle rates in terms of being high maintenance, and how this suits your lifestyle. Not only does this apply to how long it takes to style, but how often it will need to be cut in order to be maintained.

4. Your Style

The final factor to consider is your own personal style – whilst you may see a great hairstyle on a celebrity, you need to ask the question whether this suits you – your clothes, your colouring, your personality.

Overall, choosing a celebrity hairstyle for yourself is a great way to pick one that you know is in fashion and to see the various ways it can be styled, but since your features are unique, it is a good idea to assess the style against your criteria so that you can tailor it to make it your own.

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