Make-Up Tips from a Make-Up Artist

Makeup tips from a certified makeup artist – learn the tricks of the trade so that you can apply your makeup like a pro.

It is very easy to rely on market initiatives to dictate how to apply makeup and what makeup products should be bought over others. But appropriately, those who have an expertise in makeup are called artists, which proves that the application is indeed an art which has its own tips and techniques which is crucial to creating a flawless look that you are in complete control of. Here are a few tips from a certified makeup artist that will give you some useful pointers.

1. What to spend money on

There are two makeup products that are worth investing in by buying a good brand and therefore spending more money – foundation and eye shadow. With most makeup, its final effect is determined by how it is applied more than the product itself, but with foundation that is cheap, you will not get smooth coverage and more seriously, a cheap foundation could result in an adverse skin reaction. With cheap eyeshadow, especially powder ones, which are the best type to use, you will find that the powder will just fade away and brush off. It is more expensive eye shadows that produce even application, intense colour, and longevity.

With other products, it is better to focus on applying it correctly to create the professional look, for example, a cheap lipstick can last for just as long as a more expensive one, if applied correctly.

2. Prepare the face

It is important to apply makeup on a well cleansed, toned and moisturised face. But that extends beyond just the overall face. Before eye shadow is applied, the eyelids need to be prepared so that the eye shadow can glide on smoothly, and so that it has something to ‘grip’ onto and to therefore to last longer. There are many primers on the market which tend to be quite expensive, but a useful tip is to simply use some foundation. Applying a small amount of foundation onto the eyelids prior to applying the eye shadow, fills any crevices and therefore serves the same purpose as a primer would.

Additionally, before applying lipstick, moisturise the lips with an emolient based lip balm, like Vaseline, or a different lip balm, all of which tend to be oil-based. After spreading it over the lips, blot your lips with some tissue squeezed between the lips to remove any excess. Applying the lipstick over this will ensure that it not only lasts longer, but also will be smoother and more intense in colour.

3. Use the right tools

Makeup brushes are the extension to any makeup artists hands as it is these that create a more professional makeup application.

A standard makeup kit should consist of a:

* Foundation brush – this tends to be a smooth and relatively wide brush that is designed to be used with liquid foundations.

* Concealer brush – the common application using the fingers can result in wiping it off completely or to create finger prints, so it is important to use a brush to apply the concealer. This is a relatively loose brush that is quite small.

* Eye shadow brush – this is designed to be used with powder eye shadows and are small and wide, with compact bristles.

* Blending brush – this brush is quite similar looking to the concealer brush but smoother in texture. It is the most important brush that is used in eye shadow application and is used by blending the powder eye shadow in gentle small circular motions.

* Blusher brush – this is quite a large brush and is soft to the touch and loose. It is similar looking to a powder brush except it is angled.

* Powder brush – this is the largest brush of the kit and is soft to the touch with extremely loosely packed bristles.

* Lip brush – this is a small pointed brush which allows for accurate, smooth and even application.

There are other brushes that can be included in your makeup kit but are more for professional uses rather than general, and only come in useful when trying to create a highly professional look for things like photographic makeup. They are not however essential in creating a flawless makeup look.

The above outlines a few useful tips that can only be learnt from professionals, use them and you will be guaranteed to notice a significant improvement of what your makeup looks like.

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