Make-Up: Create a Kim Kardashian inspired make-up look

Kim Kardsahian

Kim Kardashian’s naturally dark features help her create the alluring part of her look but with the right makeup and techniques, even the fairest girl of the land will be able to use Kim’s makeup style and make it her own.

* Flawless *

Starting at the foundation, Kim’s face always boasts a flawless finish. Ensure that you carefully select the right foundation. The areas you need to make sure you cover when finding one is:

– Colour: make sure that the foundation is a perfect colour match to your natural skin colour. The best way to check is to apply it to your jaw line in good light – ideally natural light.

– Type: you must buy a foundation that suits your skin type. If you have scarred skin, blemishes etc. make sure that you get a medium/heavy coverage foundation. These will be thicker in consistency. Either way, make sure that you do not get an oily one as Kim Kardashian’s face is shine-free.

Additionally invest in a good concealer/highlighter. This needs to be applied in all the right places (usually under the eye and along the cheek bone) on top of the foundation.

Once you are satisfied that you have a completely even skin base with a flawless finish, move to the next step.


Kim Kardashian’s eyes have to be her signature makeup trait – this girl loves her kim kardsahian eyestraditional Smokey eyes. This is the part of the face that the most attention should be paid, as Kardashian selects the ‘bold eyes neutral lips look over the ‘bold lips
neutral eyes’. She does not tend to be to creative with her colours, and sticks to the classic black/charcoal colours. If you have fair features, then perhaps replicate this using browns.

The eyes should not only be coated with smoky eye shadow, but they should be well lined as well. Unlike many celebrities, Kim Kardashian likes to line her lower lids as well as her upper ones – boldly. In order to avoid looking like you have been punched in your eyes, soften the look by using a pencil eyeliner (Kohl) as opposed to liquid eye liner.


As mentioned in the ‘Eyes’ section, Kim Kardashian typically goes for neutral lips. For those with dark features, dusky pinks are a great choice. For those who have lighter features, try peachy colours. Either way, you can go for a colour that is not nude as long as you do not veer to far away from your natural lip colour. Finally kim kardsahian lipsmake the lips plumper by gliding a generous amount of lip gloss on, focusing on the middle of your bottom lip.


For Kim Kardashian, blusher is all about sculpting her cheek bones to perfection, so when applying a blusher, avoid red ones and instead go for peach or pink colours. Basically, the colour should be used to contour the cheek bones and the face without the colour being too noticeable. You could even achieve this using bronzer instead of blusher, but beware of your cheeks looking too sparkly as bronzer’s tend to have a more glistening finish rather than a matte one.

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