How to Achieve Plumper Lips – Without Surgery

Get fuller lipsNo longer do we have to look at Angelina Jolie’s lips with envy, wondering what we did wrong to be denied such fullness.

Good news – you too can join the full-lipped population with a few tips and techniques:


1. Preparation

Before you put any make-up on your lips, applying some concealer or some base often referred to as a primer’ makes them automatically appear fuller. This is because the small ridges in the lips are filled.

2. Lip Gloss

You can use the shine from lip gloss to contour your lips to achieve the illusion that your lips are plumper than they actually are. Applying it in the centre of the lips, especially to the naturally plumper bottom lip, with a lighter shade to what is on the rest of your lips makes them look fuller, as this is the portion that catches the light.

If you want all of your lips glossed, apply a darker shade on the outer sections and the lighter one in the middle.

3. Colour

Use the colour of your lipstick to your advantage. Generally, darker shades, especially reds and plums, make naturally bigger lips appear fuller. If you have naturally thin lips, apply a lighter shade and use the same contouring principle described in the Lip Gloss section, ensuring that a lighter shade of the selected lip colour is applied in the middle.

Also when lining your lips, find a colour which closely matches your lip colour and line them slightly outside your natural lip line. Ensure that it is not too far away from your natural lip lines otherwise it will look too visible and too fake.

4. Lip Plumpers

These are products which can actually to make your lips plumper rather than simply creating the illusion that they are fuller, without using surgical methods. They basically contain a chemical that reacts with your lips to cause temporary swelling.

Some do warn that you may feel a slight burning sensation – although the ones on the market are tried and tested and the burning sensation is nothing to be alarmed about, it is not advisable to choose this option if you generally have sensitive skin or any skin disorders.


As you can see, there are many cost effective and pain free ways to make your lips look plumper. You can simply use make-up techniques to create the illusion after all, enhancing features is what make-up is all about.


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