Make-Up Tips for Dark Skin

Dark skin can be a difficult tone to find good or a wide variety of make-up for, simply because it is not widely promoted, and dark skinned public figures tend to go for the same colours and looks. Contrary to popular belief, dark skin presents flexibility and the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of colours.

Dark Skin Make-Up

1. Foundation and Concealer

It is important to ensure that you get a good oil-free foundation and concealer which matches your skin tone. In order to do this it is advisable to look at brands that cater to darker skin like Bobbi Brown. Sometimes with very dark skin, it is common practice to use a slightly lighter foundation as a base and a darker one to contour the structure – this is, where you make certain features like cheek bones more prominent.

Having the right colour and type of foundation and concealer for you skin is essential – a different shade will look uneven when other parts of your skin are exposed. The right colour will even out your skin tone and cover blemishes whilst maintaining a natural look.

2. Colours

Deep colours are the most complimentary. Especially dark green, plum, browns, shimmery pinks, coppers and deep reds. Gold’s are also really nice with dark skin and can often look very glamorous. If you want a look which is more striking, try bolder colours which fit this colour group, like a brighter purple instead of plum. This way, you will achieve the right look through selecting the shade whilst sticking to complimentary colours.

As a rule of thumb, regardless of your skin colour, a good tip to remember is if you decide on having bold eyes, go for neutral lips and vice versa.

3. Blusher

Blusher comes in a range of shades other than pink or red. Dusky colours like deep red, or dark pink suit dark skin by adding vibrancy to the complexion and definition to the cheek bones. Other colours like shimmery browns and bronzers are good for adding a radiant glow to your face whilst creating the definition. They are also great for achieving a healthy glow without having to accompany it with much more make-up.

A good tip is that by applying it on foundation rather than bare skin achieves a more even and smooth look, and dusting some loose powder on top, seals it.

Nowadays, skin colour does not limit your choice and selection of make-up. They key is to look at the right brands, follow good advice and practice!

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