How to get rid of split ends

Prevention is better than cure…in the case of split ends, the only real cure is to cut it so prevention really is better.  The scientific term for split ends is Trichoptilosis and there are many types, all of which are caused by your hair becoming brittle and the longer they are kept, the worse they get.

Hair Care

If you have split ends and don’t want to cut too much off the length, ask the stylist to ‘chip’ into the ends. This method is

when the scissors come at a vertical angle cutting into the hair. It means that the ends form a blunt strange edge but will look choppy.

The advantage of this is that the hair is not all one length so more can be chopped off without looking like it has been.

 Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that can prevent split ends:

1. Regular Trimming

It is important to get your hair trimmed regularly, this is, every 4 to 6 weeks. The closer your hair is to your scalp, the newer it is and therefore is healthier. So regular trims mean that the part which is in the worst condition, the ends, are not left too long to become split.

2. Look after dry hair

Dry hair is particularly prone to splitting as it is weaker and more brittle. If your hair is naturally dry, try and avoid using too much heat or using a brush – combs are much better for your hair. If your hair is dry due to chemical treatments or over styling, try and improve the condition of your hair by using appropriate treatments – conditioning treatments are great. A few of these, and you will see your hair improve in condition.

Also try and avoid washing too often – when you shampoo your hair, it gets rid of the natural oils. Conditioner simply returns your hair to the correct pH balance, but does not moisturise it.

Another great tip is to sleep with it in a side ponytail, on the side that you don’t usually sleep in. This means that when you move around in your sleep, there is friction with less of your hair – you will even notice less hair on your pillow.

3. Avoid too much chemical treatment/over styling

Colouring, perming, straightning, blow drying – anything that involves chemicals, heat and pulling at the hair is damaging and can lead to split ends. This is not to say don’t do it at all – but moderate how often you do depending on the condition and strength of your hair.

When styling with heat, ensure that you always apply a heat protection product on first, even if it is a little bit of mousse. This creates a layer between your hair and the heat which gives your hair some protection.

4. Washing & Drying your hair

Many rub their hair with a towel – wrong! When towel drying your hair simply dab it with the towel. The aim is to remove excess water. If you rub your hair with the towel, it is damaging as the towel material is comparatively rough and wet hair is weak.

When your hair is wet, if you want to de-tangle it, be sure to use a wide tooth comb. This causes less damage – weak wet hair and a brush or fine tooth comb is not a good combination.

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